Water Treatment Systems

Effectively remove hard water in your home.

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Drinking Water Systems

Clean, healthy water for cooking and drinking.

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Whole Home Treatment Systems

Easily treat common water quality problems.

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Kent RO systems Now
in canada

Patented technology to retain essential natural minerals in RO purified water.

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Better Way to do a Laundry

Discover a safer, more innovative way to clean clothes using the power of oxygen, not detergent

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Choose AnElements System!

BetterBy Design

Our products are engineered to provide the results you demand and deserve. Innovation, excellence, and high-performance are all hallmarks of Elements by Hankscraft.

QualityYou Can Count On

We use only the highest quality materials, manufacturing, and quality control processes to produce our products. We not only make them - we use them ourselves!

ServiceWith a Smile
Our products are relied upon by millions of people around the world. We consider it an essential part of our business to provide the very best customer support backed by an industry leading warranty.

Our water Treatment systems are designed to help reduce water impurities and scale buildup, improve your skin and hair health, plus extend the life of your equipment. We are expert in treating WELL WATER Problems.

Get a Water Treatment System and Save Approx $113/Month On Your Household Expenses.

Why SoftenYour Water?

Most water has some degree of hardness. Softening your water will eliminate spots on dishes, sinks, showers, and fixtures, as well as save you money on soaps and detergents. Additionally, the life of your appliances can be extended by as much as 30%.

Why Filter Your Water?

Filtered water can unleash the flavor of your foods and beverages, and is better for your overall health. The EPA estimates that 20% of human exposure to lead is via drinking water and 19.5 million people contract an illness from public drinking water systems. Properly filtering your water can reduce this risk by up to 99.9%.

Why RemoveIron?

Stains on sinks, toilets, and showers, a strong metallic taste, rotten egg smell, and discolored laundry are clear signs that there is a problem with your water. Removing the substances that cause these problems is easy to achieve with a properly configured water treatment system.

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